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Canin 2203 m - weather


​During the summer of 2021 , the construction of the first permanent weather station in Sella Nevea took place from a project that actually began in the spring of 2020.

The motivation is to fill a gap in a locality located in one of the most famous and characteristic corners of the Julian Alps, climatically peculiar for the high snow and, in general, for the high annual rainfall.


The only climatic information of the area, however precious, is historically provided by the automatic meteorological station of Livinal Lunc by the Regional Civil Protection of the FVG and, before, by the ARPA-OSMER but at an altitude of 1837 m. Since 2012, SMAA (then UMFVG) in collaboration with the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park , had installed an automatic meteorological station near the glacial bodies of Canin, at an altitude of 2203 m asl (editor's note, the highest meteorological station in Friuli Venezia Giulia).

The only information from the valley floor, however, referred to the AINEVA site which only collects minimum and maximum temperature values in the winter semester as well as the conditions of the snowpack, by the  Central stable structure for the avalanche risk prevention activity of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Instrumentation installed

The meteorological site is designed not only for the mere acquisition of meteorological parameters, but also to act as a support structure for complementary activities such as courses, seminars and as a support to the scientific activities already active on site.

The philosophy of the observing site, however, is designed to minimize the possible loss of data due to malfunctions, at least for some parameters initially such as temperature and humidity. For this reason the Sella Nevea weather station can be considered a climatological observatory . To obtain this result, the acquisition sensors are redundant, and three to four different types of acquisition are in operation for the same parameter.

Measurements of air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation (rain-snow) and snow height are acquired with a manual snow gauge equipped with a webcam.

Relative humidity and temperature are measured continuously with the acquisition of a data every 5 minutes from a semi-professional acquisition control unit. The data are archived with an ad-hoc procedure created by SMAA and published every 5 minutes on the SMAA portal.

A professional temperature-humidity datalogger  Tynitag plus 2  (range -25 to + 85 ° C / 0 to 100% RH) acquires locally and acts as a back-up and control to the data acquisition control unit, further supported by two SIAP-MICROS TM6 and TM7 thermometers  (one with alcohol and one with mercury) to measure the maximum and minimum temperature respectively. The accuracy of the thermometers is 0.1 ° C. In addition to these tools, a thermohygrograph is also installed  SIAP-MICROS MT-1520  with bimetallic foil and hygroscopic hair sensor and monthly diagram for the parallel measurement of temperature and humidity.

All the aforementioned equipment is housed in a meteorological shed at Stevenson Screen

with double screening according to WMO standard.


The Sella Nevea weather station was built thanks to the support and collaboration of:

Municipality of Chiusaforte

Promoturismo FVG

CNR Institute of Marine Sciences  (Trieste office)

CNR Institute of Polar Sciences

Julian Prealps Natural Park

Udine National Alpine Association

They worked on the installation and development of the station  


Luca Ziani, Fabrizio Tavagnutti, Stefano Deiuri, Costanza Del Gobbo, Alberto Schiavi, Renato R. Colucci

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