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Intellectual property and copyright
The contents of these pages, where it is not explicitly indicated otherwise, are to be considered the exclusive property of SMA-A (Alpine-Adriatic Meteorological Society, Via Silvio Pellico 9, 33043 Cividale del Friuli UD, CF and VAT number 02150490304, segreteria @

All any trademarks, registered or unregistered, of products or services, logos, banners, headings, address books, domains, graphics, software and any other distinctive signs that appear on this site are the property of SMA-A and are protected under the laws on copyright and patents and those relating to intellectual property; all related rights are reserved. They can only be used with the prior written consent of SMA-A.

Except where otherwise specified, the other contents of the site are released under a Creative Commons license, attribution 3.0 Italy (CC BY-SA 3.0 IT) and can therefore be reproduced, distributed, communicated, displayed, represented, modified and used for dissemination purposes. but respecting all the following conditions:

  1. attribution - it is necessary to attribute the authorship of the contents, indicating if any changes have been made and citing the source as "SMA-A" and the url; this must be done reasonably and not in such a way as to suggest that SMA-A endorses your works or the use you make of them;

  2. same license - the redistribution of the contents, even through modification or transformation of the same, must be subject to the same license as the original material;

  3. prohibition of additional restrictions - you cannot apply legal terms or technological measures that impose legal constraints on other parties on what the license allows them to do.

A summary of the license can be found at:
while the relative full text can be found at:

You are not required to comply with the terms of the license for those components of the material that are in the public domain or in cases where use is permitted by an exception or limitation provided for by law.   The license may not grant all the necessary authorizations for the intended use of the user. For example, third party rights such as image rights, personal data protection and moral rights could restrict the use of the material.
Any action reserved to the owner of the rights by national and international laws on trademarks and distinctive signs carried out without his authorization will be liable to civil and criminal prosecution.
Whenever the contents of the site are used or distributed it is necessary to do so under the terms of this license, which must be communicated in clear and unambiguous terms.

Legal validity

The information on this site does not in any way have the legal value of administrative acts or measures, nor does it in any way constitute an expression of legal or professional opinion.

Validity and updating of information; error reporting
The aim of these web pages is to provide the public with the most accurate and verified information on meteorological events, measurement campaigns carried out or any other activity linked to the SMA-A object that can be consulted in Art. xx of the Statute.
The updating of the information on this site takes place at different intervals depending on the type and strongly depends on the free time of the volunteers who lend their work free of charge
The original contents offered are subjected to careful control; however, at the time of the first publication some data, observations, analyzes may be not validated, as the validation process can be completed at a later time e. Other information is available thanks to collaborations between SMA-A and other entities and subjects; in this case the responsibility for the correctness and validity of such information (deriving from multiple causes) falls entirely on the person who owns or manages it.
With reference to all the above, SMA-A therefore declines any direct or indirect responsibility for any delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions, damages (direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential) deriving from the use of the contents of the site by third parties.
If any errors or malfunctions are detected, users are invited to report them to the e-mail address

Real-time data (where available)
Real-time data cannot be republished (in any format or reprocessing) except for any exceptions previously agreed with SMA-A through the stipulation of framework agreements or operational agreements

Terms of use / liability / privacy
The sole purpose of this website is public disclosure.
SMA-A publishes these web pages without warranties, explicit or implicit, and assumes no responsibility for the location, correctness, completeness and quality of the content and information provided.
SMA-A reserves the right to replace, add, remove, modify and / or integrate the contents of the site at its discretion at any time and without notice.
The user assumes any responsibility, direct or indirect, deriving from the use of data, images, reports, analyzes and any other product or information contained in this site and made available by SMA-A.
Therefore, SMA-A will in no case be held liable for damages of any kind or nature (including those due to delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions or partiality) that the user, directly or indirectly, may suffer or cause to third parties using any information contained in this website or in any case caused directly or indirectly by accessing the site, by the use of interactive tools, by the inability or impossibility to access it, by relying on the information contained therein or by their use.
SMA-A guarantees that the processing of personal data that may be acquired by IT systems, even in implicit form for the use of Internet communication protocols, or sent via e-mail or electronic forms, complies with the provisions of the legislation on privacy ( Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 ). In particular, no personal data deriving from the management of the web service is communicated or disseminated, except in cases expressly provided for by law.

Access to external linked sites
The links to external sites, indicated on this site, are provided as a simple service to users, with the exclusion of any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the set of links indicated. The inclusion in the web pages of this site of hyperlinks or references to other web pages does not imply on the part of SMA-A any type of approval or sharing of responsibility for everything concerning the legitimacy, completeness and correctness of the contents and the information of the sites to which it is possible to access through these links or to which reference is made.
For any damage that may occur with the use of such contents, the sole author of the respective web pages must be held responsible, not SMA-A. Furthermore, SMA-A is not responsible for any information, content or message posted or published by users of forums, guestbooks, Facebook pages or groups and social media in general or mailing lists, which refer to this website. SMA-A also declines all responsibility for websites which in turn link this website.

Social Media Policy
In addition to this website, SMA-A uses social media to facilitate communication with users regarding its activities and weather-climate issues and to promote the growth of a widespread culture and awareness in this area, in line with what is indicated in the its statute. The related Social Media Policy indicates what contents and interactions users can expect from SMA-A's social channels and what are the rules to be respected for the correct use of these spaces, which SMA-A makes available with a view to spreading culture. meteorological and climatological, and in a broader sense of the study of all the Earth Sciences that interact with the meteorological and climatic system.

For sharing on some of the main social networks (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn), some personal information may be acquired by the managers of the social network platforms every time the User decides to interact with the plug-ins.

For more information on the logic and methods of processing the data collected, users are invited to read the information notes on privacy provided by the subjects providing the services in question:




Joint ownership of statistical data processing with Facebook
As regards the SMA-A Facebook Page ( ), the page administrator is jointly responsible for the processing of statistical data with Facebook Ireland Limited ("Facebook Ireland").

At this link ( ) you can consult the controller appendix for Facebook Page Insights, which indicates the division of responsibilities of Facebook Ireland and the administrator of the Page ( ).

On this page ( ) you can consult the Facebook data legislation.
On this page ( ) you can consult the Facebook Ireland cookie policy

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