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What is the Alpine-Adriatic Meteorological Society

The object of the activity of the SMAA is constituted by the phenomena, events, characteristics and meteorological and climatic processes that affect Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the adjacent areas between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. In a more general context, the SMAA deals with the observation, study, understanding and dissemination of all the aspects that link the Earth System Sciences to the atmospheric and climatic system or interact with it, with particular reference to the issue of change. climatic

  1. the observation of meteorological phenomena and their interactions with the terrestrial system in order to understand their genesis, the establishment, evolution and dissipation

  2. The study of the climate and its variations, with particular regard to the recovery of historical data archives and the enhancement and safeguarding of historical observatories;

  3. the study of the effects of the phenomena object of the activity on the life of populations and on natural and man-made ecosystems in the areas of action;

  4. the dissemination of knowledge and information to the public and the promotion of educational and training activities at all levels on the subject of the activity.

To achieve these objectives, SMA-A implements the following activities:

  1. promote, encourage, develop and organize measurements and observations of any kind on its object, including through the installation of stations or surveying networks;

  2. collect, process, archive, disclose and publish data, measurements and observations of any kind on its object;

  3. promote, encourage, develop, execute and publish studies and projects related to its own purposes;

  4. promote, encourage, organize and conduct meetings, seminars, conferences, conventions, debates, courses and lectures relating to their object;

  5. implement initiatives aimed at attracting the interest of public opinion on the object of its activity;

  6. promote and organize educational and training activities related to its object, including study trips and excursions and work camps for recreational, teaching and research purposes, aimed at the free time of its members

  7. promote, develop and establish collaborations with other public or private bodies or organizations with similar or complementary purposes to their own;

  8. join other public or private organizations that have the same aims or similar or complementary purposes, in any case not in contrast with their own, in different areas of intervention;

  9. Promote the appointment of committees of experts from the academic, scientific world and local authorities to ensure the correct dissemination of the information referred to in the subject and verify the correct dissemination of information also by third parties;

  10. carry out any other activity not specifically mentioned in this list but in any case connected with the previous ones, provided that it is consistent with the institutional purposes and suitable for pursuing its achievement;
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